One of the best things about vacationing on Greek islands is that you can visit more than one during the same trip. Mykonos and Crete are two of the most popular destinations, which leads many tourists to wonder – how to get from Mykonos to Crete and the other way around? Luckily, it’s not complicated, and we will explain everything you need to know in the text below.

Find Out How to Get From Mykonos to Crete and Vice Versa

How to get from Crete to Mykonos and vice versa? If you happen to visit Mykonos on your next trip to Greece, you will have the vacation of your life – anyone who’s been on this heavenly island can attest to that. However, why not extend your stay for a day or two and check out some other places after you’ve explored Mykonos? Greek island hopping, as it’s called, is a very popular practice, with tourists often going from Mykonos to Crete and Santorini.

Popular Island Hopping Route in Greece – Mykonos to Crete

These two islands definitely have some similarities. They are both rich in history, have gorgeous beaches, excellent amenities, and aren’t so far away from Athens, so you can add a visit to the Greek capital to end your vacation on a high note. If you liked Mykonos, we have no doubt that Crete will also live up to your expectations, so don’t hesitate to check it out while in Greece if you have enough time.

The coast of Mykonos

After your Mykonos trip is over, why not upgrade your travel plan and head to Crete?

Ferry From Mykonos Port Is the Best Way to Get to Heraklion

Ferries are not only the best but also the most fun way to travel around Greece. The main port in Crete is Heraklion – this is where you should head to (there is also another one, called Chania) from the new Mykonos port. The distance between these two islands is approximately 235km, or 146 miles (and both islands are connected by ferries with Piraeus in the Athens urban area).

The ride can take up from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the type of ferries, the route, weather conditions on the day, and the possible layovers. The companies that usually operate on this route are Golden Star Ferries, Seajets, and Minoan Lines.

Direct Ferries to Heraklion

If you’re tight with time, it might be a good idea to take the direct ferry without layovers on any island. This might narrow your travel experience, but it’s undoubtedly the fastest way to get from Chora (Mykonos Town) to Heraklion. There are two types of vessels you can choose from – hydrofoil and a conventional (slower) ferry.

If you take the hydrofoil, expect your travel time to be about 4 hours – with a conventional one, it will be around 8 hours. Keep in mind that, even though hydrofoil guarantees a quick trip, the ride might be a bit bumpy – if you get nauseous quickly, the conventional vessel might be better for you.

Indirect Ferry Route Via Santorini

Santorini is another world-famous place in Greece. Known for its unique nature (it’s a volcanic island), Santorini is a popular destination for those who love Mykonos. If you don’t have a day to see it, maybe you can at least get the ferry with a layover in Athinios port and step on the Santorini soil. Naturally, the duration of your layover will determine when you’ll finally arrive in Heraklion.

The view of the port and town in Mykonos at twilight

Direct ride to Crete or the one with a layover in Santorini – choose what suits you the best

Tips for First-Time Ferry Travel to Keep in Mind

If you’ve never been on a ferry ride before, you are in for a treat. This is a truly exciting experience, mostly because of the gorgeous scenery. The endless sea around you and the wind in your face will make you feel relaxed like never before. But what to consider if you’ve never traveled like this? Here are some essential tips:

  • You’ll need to book the tickets in advance – the crowds can be huge, especially during high season. The tickets sell out pretty quickly because of this.
  • Be sure to arrive at the port at least 45 minutes before the departure – again, crowds are the main reason for this.
  • Tickets for a ride in one direction are between 60-100 euros per person. If you’re taking a car with you, expect to pay an additional fee for the vehicle.
  • Trust us – book the return tickets as soon as you arrive, just in case. It’s never too early to book tickets during the peak of tourist season.
The windmill in Mykonos town, and port and ferries in the distance

If this is your first ferry ride, you’ll be pleasantly surprised – it’s a treat

What if You’re Not a Fan of Ferries? Can You Fly From Mykonos to Crete?

Those who don’t like to sail might wonder – can you take a plane from Mykonos to Crete? The answer is yes, but it’s not as convenient as you might think. There are no direct flights between these islands, and your only solution is to take a plane from Mykonos airport that will take you to Athens and then to Crete.

So, the layover in Athens is unavoidable. The duration of your trip can vary significantly, depending on the Athens layover, obviously. In addition to not being the fastest solution, the airplane is also the least exciting option – you would miss out on countless beautiful views.

The view from a plane over Mykonos town

An airplane isn’t the most convenient solution because of the Athens layover

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