If you will travel for the very first time to Mykonos, prepare for a surprise. Greece’s tipping etiquette is very different from other countries. If you are curious about how much to tip the concierge on Mykonos, follow the advice in our guide. It’s important to underline that no one is expected to tip for every service. However, it is considered very polite. When concierges are incredibly hospitable, tips are a great way to show gratitude.

First and Foremost, Should You Reward Your Concierge in a Hotel or Mykonos Villa?

Since we’ve mentioned that the Greek tipping etiquette is completely different from the United States and North America, travelers might be confused about what should be done. First of all, rewarding concierges is not mandatory. No one will end up angry and offended if you don’t include any tips for their service.

However, the concierge in Mykonos is a skilled helper who can:

  • Arrange your transportation,
  • Fix any issues with your hotel room or Mykonos villa,
  • Book private yachts,
  • Organize events and parties at one of the Mykonos luxury villas,
  • Schedule spa and beauty salon visits,
  • Adhere to the privacy policy, and protect your collected data during your stay.

Their effort should be rewarded, and it is considered very nice when tourists tip their concierges. You might even make someone’s day with this simple gesture.

Person holding money

Rewarding concierges at hotels or private villas in Mykonos is polite and nice

How Much to Tip the Concierge? Here Are the Basics

People from all over the world come to Mykonos. They assume that the tipping culture is the same as in the US, meaning that tips must be 10 to 20% of the bill. Ten percent is for average service, while twenty percent is for good service.

In Greece, 10% or 15% is considered a great tip, while the best practice is to round up the bill you receive. But how much do you tip the concierge when you don’t get a bill for their service? Another strategy should be used when you travel to Greece. This involves assessing how difficult the concierge’s task was and whether they managed to complete it quickly.

If they reserve a table at a restaurant that doesn’t have a waiting list and it’s easy to get a table, you can only tip a few euros. However, if your concierges managed to get you into a Greek restaurant that is difficult to book, more generous tips would be appropriate. If they improved your hotel room in a certain way, don’t forget to show appreciation.

A man in a suit smiling

Estimate how well and fast concierges get their job done to determine the tip

Can You Tip a Percentage for Their Service?

In some cases, you can opt to pay a percentage if you want to show how much you appreciate their help, hospitality, and work. For instance, if they quickly buy and provide you with a ticket for the Archeological Museum of Mykonos or arrange a wine-tasting tour or a cruise around the Cyclades. Then you can pay concierges ten or fifteen percent of the ticket or the cruise price.

Person holding euros in hands

Whenever concierges buy a ticket for you, you can pay them using a percentage

How Should You Reward Your Concierges? – Use Cash or Credit Card

The easiest way to discreetly reward concierges is with cash. It’s important to remember that the euro is the currency that is used in Greece. Also, don’t be afraid that you won’t have any cash on you during your vacation in Mykonos.

It is more convenient to pay in cash at other locations in Greece, so many tourists bring cash. They always receive change wherever they shop. Your pockets might end up with a lot of cents and euro coins at one point. Therefore you can simply give concierges the amount that is the most appropriate to you.

On the other hand, tipping using your credit card is possible as well. You can simply give them your credit card and tell them how much to charge you for tips.

Apart From Credit Cards and Cash, Tourist Can Use Apps for Tipping

Ever since the pandemic, people have searched for ways to implement cashless tipping for the staff of hotels and villas. This is now available through different apps that serve to reward housekeepers, waiters, and of course, concierges at a hotel or villa.

You can ask the staff at the hotel or Mykonos villa rental you are staying at whether this option will be available for you. Since more and more business owners are switching to digital tipping, this may be offered when you travel to Greece.

Woman holding a smartphone

Hotels around the world are switching to cashless tips since it is more convenient

When Should You Reward Concierges for Their Service?

The right time to reward concierges is immediately after they complete a task or when you end your interaction with them. If you leave this for later, there is a chance you will forget, or you won’t know how to assess the effort the concierges put into providing you with what you requested.

So, whenever they fix a problem during your stay in one of Mykonos villas for rental or your hotel room, they arrange for the best private chef to serve you national Greek dishes in privacy on a Mykonos yacht rental or organize for a private driver to pick you up, immediately pay them.

Couple lounging in a Mykonos villa

Travel to Mykonos and show gratitude to concierges that arrange for different activities

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