When you’re planning a trip to one of the best islands in Greece, you’re probably too excited to think about tedious travel details like car rental. But at some point, it’s inevitable to ask – do I need a car in Mykonos? Is getting around complicated if you don’t rent a vehicle? We have all the answers.

Getting a Rental Car in Mykonos, Greece vs. Using a Taxi or a Bus – Which Option Is Better?

Do we need a car in Mykonos, or is getting around the island manageable without it? The truth is that you can go both ways – it all depends on your travel plans and how much you want to see during your trip. If you wish to have a relaxing stay and not wander around the coast checking out all the beaches, then you could probably survive without a rental.

Still, you should ask yourself – is that the best way to spend precious time in Greece? Isn’t it better to see as much as possible? We think so – that’s why we would strongly recommend renting a vehicle to help you explore this Greek island. Much can be seen and done even if you have just five days in Mykonos – but you have to be well-organized, and that means you should rent a car.

When it comes to taxis, that’s a hard no – there are only about 30 vehicles on the entire island, and getting an available one can be a challenge. You wouldn’t want to risk being stuck at the airport (or in the old port, after getting off the ferry) because you have no way of getting to your accommodation, trust us. A bus is a better option than a taxi, indeed, but it’s more prudent to get a car.

Windmill on the right and Mykonos town on the left

Your entire travel experience will be better with a car by your side – this way, you’ll be able to explore the place

Why Do I Need a Car in Mykonos?

Mykonos has plenty of gorgeous beaches. Some of them – the most popular ones – are easily accessible by bus, for example. However, if you skip on a rental vehicle, you risk being bound to the most famous tourist places without getting the chance to explore the more remote beaches and areas. Plus, with a car, you won’t be tied to just one beach the whole day – you will be able to travel around and check out as many as you can.

Here’s Why Renting a Car in Mykonos Is Better Than Using a Bus

Buses are actually well-organized here (better than in Santorini, at least), but as we’ve mentioned, they only connect a few places that most tourists stick to. In addition to that, relying on buses can be annoying and waste you plenty of time – that’s something you don’t waste when in Greece. With a car, you can skip waiting for buses and reach your desired beach quickly and without a fuss.

A beach in Mykonos

Skip all that waiting for buses – with a car, you can get to the beach in a second

Tips to Keep in Mind When Renting a Vehicle on This Island

Don’t forget to research parking in Chora, Mykonos town. Many tourists figure out that the center is a pedestrian zone only once they get there. That part of the town is forbidden for cars and parking, but the rest of Chora will surely have a parking spot for you. There will likely be crowds during the high season, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Once you get out of town, you won’t have any parking problems. Another one of the essential tips to remember before your trip is that you’re required to have an International Driver’s Permit and also a valid driver’s license. If you’re used to driving an automatic, be sure to mention that when you rent a vehicle.

Narrow street with white houses in Mykonos town

One of the essential tips – the center of Mykonos town is a pedestrian zone

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We Can Make Sure Your Rental Awaits for You at the Airport or in the Port, Depending on How You Plan to Come to the Island

Don’t worry – we won’t let you get stuck at the Mykonos airport. Our services include dropping the vehicle there, so it can wait for your arrival and be ready to take you to the gorgeous Mykonos villa you have booked. The same goes for those who will arrive at the new (or old) port by ferry – the car will be there when you arrive.

The view of the old port in Mykonos

Whether you arrive at the airport or the new or old port, the car will wait for you

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