If you’re looking for the perfect summer destination, look no further than The Island of the Winds. It has everything you need to have the best holiday of your life – from beautiful beaches to great restaurants. But can you buy gifts in Mykonos in case you need them for a loved one back home, or if you simply need souvenirs to remember the trip by?

Can You Go Shopping in Greece for Something Other Than Souvenirs? Can You Buy Gifts in Mykonos?

Out of all the places in Greece, The Island of the Winds is by far the most beautiful summer destination. Mykonos is known for being a regular on almost everyone’s bucket list, and this Greek island is equipped with everything you need in order to have the perfect summer holiday.

You can sunbathe at the most beautiful sandy beaches, eat in some of the best restaurants in the world, and, more importantly – shop till you drop in one of many stores on the island. This gorgeous holiday destination is one of the most popular go-to vacation spots for celebrities and millionaires, so you best believe that there are endless opportunities for having fun and spending money.

There Is no Better Place for Shopping in Greece Other Than the Gorgeous Island of Mykonos

If you’re a shopaholic and you can’t imagine your summer vacation without walking around with some shopping bags in your hands, then Mykonos is the right choice for you. It’s filled with countless shops, from some of the most exclusive and expensive brands in the world to small, local shops that offer handmade products.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have a limitless credit card or you’re on a budget, there is a little something for everybody, and you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect gift for your loved ones or special souvenirs just for you to take home. But here is something you should note: check to see what time the stores are open since they mostly have the policy of closing during the hottest hours of the day and then reopening later in the day.

Street in Chora

Local shops in Greece are usually closed in the afternoon hours

Nammos Village Is the Ultimate Place for Mykonian High-End Shopping

The first thing that comes to mind with the mention of this amazing party island is probably champagne and money. And that’s pretty accurate, as this place is known to be the most expensive place in Greece. So it’s only natural that it would be filled with designer shops that offer the most luxurious high-end brands in the world.

If you’re ready to spend a lot of money on the gift, you should go to Nammos Village. It’s a beautiful open-air shopping space. Nammos village holds every luxurious brand under the sun, so it’s the perfect spot to buy an expensive gift, perhaps a brand new Rolex?

Soho-Soho Is Another Great Place That Offers Luxury Brands

Another place you should look into if you want to buy a luxurious gift, such as an expensive piece of clothing, some quality shoes, or a luxury bag, is the Soho-Soho boutique. It’s one of many places that offer designer brands like:

  • Alexander Wang,
  • Dior,
  • Versace,
  • Emilio Pucci,
  • Herve Leger, and so on.

You Can Also Look Into Something More Creative Such as Authentic Handmade Sandals

Everyone appreciates creative and authentic gifts much more than traditional ones. It shows that you were willing to go the extra mile to make someone happy. There are no better gifts than traditional Greek items such as gorgeous leather sandals, jewelry, or some handmade crochet beach bags you could use for your future trips, for example. The island is filled with small, local shops that sell handmade items that are definitely worth your money.

If You’re Looking for More Affordable Gift Options, You Have to Take a Walk Along Each Street in the Old Town

Locally owned shops are, in most cases, affordable, so it might be the best way to go about finding the perfect gift if you’re on a restricted budget. They offer all kinds of traditional handmade products, from soaps and olive oil to beach bags, hats, bottles of ouzo, jewelry, and popular souvenirs like magnets and T-shirts.

They are very easy to find because they are practically around every corner in the Old Town – just take a walk through the gorgeous paved streets, and you are bound to run into some hidden gems.

You Shouldn’t Leave Before Going to the Scorpios Bazaar

A great place for finding authentic Greek gifts is Scorpios Bazaar. It’s located in Paraga, and it offers lots of handmade products like clothing and shoes, so if you’re looking for the best Greek sandals, this is definitely a place you should visit.

Everything is handmade out of organic materials. Just keep in mind that Scorpios Bazaar is only open from May to September, so if you end up visiting Mykonos in that time frame, know that this is the perfect place for finding amazing and original gifts with a Mediterranean vibe.


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