If you are one of those music lovers who don’t mind traveling to visit amazing international music festivals during the summer, you should consider attending some of the best festivals in Mykonos. This small island in Greece holds the title of being one of the greatest party islands in the world, so why not book tickets for some of the events that take place here?

#1 The Eternal Festival, Hosted by Scorpios, Is One of the Most Amazing Events on Mykonos

Scorpios is known for being the most exclusive beach club where thousands of international celebrities and stars gather to spend their summer days. A few years ago, this unique establishment came up with an interesting project of creating a festival that celebrates music, culture, and art in the most exciting way.

Further Mykonos – The Eternal Festival takes place on gorgeous beaches during June, and it lasts three days, from the 7th to the 9th of June. Eternal is all about bringing creative communities into a dialogue with the island’s history, culture, and local community. The event includes numerous music, dance, and art performances and is hosted by various international artists. Joining this event for at least a day will be an experience to remember.

Delos Is Also Included in This Amazing Cultural Festival

One of the locations that have a great part in the concept of the entire project is the island of Delos, which is located near Mykonos. Delos is an important part of Greek mythology, and its rich archeological sites were a big inspiration for the project.

The main idea is to include this non-inhibited destination in the musical, cultural, and art exchange. If you wish to be a part of this three-day music and art event, make sure to get your tickets on time, as it is quite popular and sells out in a short period of time, your Mykonos concierge could help you with that.

The Scorpios beach club

Scorpios is well known for throwing the best day and night parties in the world

#2 Attend Mykonos Art Festival – One of the Best International Art Festivals in Greece

Mykonos Art Festival takes place during the summer months of July, August, and September and invites locals and tourists who travel here from all over the world to participate in this unique cultural happening. In 2022, the festival hosted a wide range of events in numerous places across the island.

Video screenings, theatrical performances, music concerts, and many other interesting activities were included in the rich program. The main vision of the project was to encourage visitors to discover the public spaces of Mykonos and all of its beautiful locations. Book a Mykonos villa with a private pool in a prime location to be close to all the events.

The Festival Takes Place in Numerous Locations Across Mykonos, Greece

This unique art event takes place in a few interesting locations, so it’s a great opportunity to explore the island’s urban areas. Last year there were a few concerts organized in the Archaeological Museum as well as exhibitions in other museums and galleries.

There were also some interesting screenings in the open-air cinema and various theaters. A part of the festival was also organized on Delos island, with a performance on the sacred archaeological site. If you are someone who enjoys seeing a mix of contemporary and traditional arts, this could be something you might like.

Three actors on stage in front of a red curtain

The Art Festival is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the Greek art scene

#3 Amazing Stories Are Born From XLSIOR – One of the Best Festivals in Mykonos

Although the main goal of establishing XLSIOR was to create the biggest international summer gay event in the world – today, it is so much more than that. The project was first launched in 2009 because this little Cycladic island was considered to be the ultimate holiday destination for the LGBTQ+ community.

The destination still has the greatest gay clubs and many gay-friendly beaches – so it is no secret that it is the favorite summer destination of gays. XLSIOR brings the greatest artists from the Gay-circuit scene and creates an unforgettable experience for its guests.

However, today this festival attracts much wider audiences than just the LGBTQ+ community. At this festival, what matters is that you love great DJs and enjoy wild parties.

Stay Tuned to Find Out More About Why You Should Join XLSIOR

This incredible event hosts a great number of live performances and organizes the wildest parties in famous venues and beach bars. If you want to attend these amazing activities, ensure you go to their website and check out the passes you can purchase.

Besides the regular XLSIOR pass, which gives you full access to all the XLSIOR events, you also get the XLSIOR VIP pass, which comes with these exclusive benefits:

  • Full access to all XLSIOR events,
  • Access to the VIP Areas,
  • Access to Bookings of VIP tables,
  • Meet the artists at backstage,
  • Getting XLSIOR merchandise,
  • Enjoying the snacks in the available VIP areas.

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