If you are looking for an interesting place to travel to during summertime and you are wondering which destinations offer the best beach vacations in the world – you should know that Mykonos is at the top of that list. There are numerous reasons why this small Cycladic island is one of the most popular summer destinations. Today we’re sharing everything you need to know about the fantastic beaches this place offers.

The Are Numerous Beaches on This Island, and Each One Is Beautiful in Its Way

If you are planning a vacation on Mykonos, one of the things you might want to know is that this place is very rich in beautiful beaches and is one of the most popular islands you can travel to. Not many islands have so many beautiful swimming spots with soft sand, clear water, and picturesque surroundings.

Despite its relatively small size, it has numerous beaches, and they are all so different. The smartest thing is to determine which type of them would interest you the most based on your preferences and add them to your trip itinerary.

Getting Around the Island Is Easy, so You Will Be Able to Visit Several Beaches

One of the best characteristics of this island is that getting around it is quite easy and that there are many transportation options. If you are interested in visiting a different beach every day of your vacation, you can easily do so by renting a car, getting a private driver, or perhaps calling a taxi. Getting around different areas of Mykonos and exploring will be a pretty adventurous and fun travel experience.

Nammos Beach

Mykonos is one of the most versatile islands in the Aegean Sea

If You Are Looking for the Wildest Parties – This Is Where You Should Go

There is a good reason why this Cycladic gem is known as the party island. Those who like spending summer days sipping cocktails and enjoying big parties at the seaside might be interested in visiting beaches such as Super Paradise and the famous Paraga Beach. Having the time of your life on these beaches is guaranteed!

You Should Definitely Visit Some of the Best Beach Clubs

The most exciting events take place in the famous beach clubs, which are one of the most popular Instagram spots. Here you can spot some of the most celebrities and influencers enjoying their summer days in the dazzling interiors of these exclusive spots. If you wish to attend these parties, ensure you book your place in advance. Some of the most popular clubs you should visit during your holiday are:

  • Scorpios,
  • Nammos,
  • Super Paradise Beach Club,
  • Jackie O’ Beach Club,
  • Ftelia Beach Club,
  • Lohan Beach House.

If You Are an Adventurous Soul, Try Some Water Activities

If you are a person who likes to spice up their holiday with some fun and exciting activities, Mykonos has something for you too. At the seaside, you will find opportunities to try out some popular water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, water skiing, wakeboard surfing, or flyboards.

You can find centers for water sports on Elia Beach or perhaps on Kalafatis, which are the most known for these activities. If you are a parent with teens, don’t spend the whole day inside your Mykonos villa rental. Let them experience some fun on the water and provide them with one of the best family beach vacations in the world.

If You Like Trying New Things, Scuba Diving Would Be an Unforgettable Experience

An interesting and adventurous activity you might be interested in trying out is scuba diving. Mykonos offers a wide range of activities for scuba divers, such as exploring flora and fauna, diving around reefs and shipwrecks, and exploring unique caverns. There are a few scuba diving centers you might want to visit to get more information on these activities.

Scuba diving on Mykonos

Scuba diving is a unique and memorable experience

Looking for Some Peace and Quiet? Secluded Beaches of Mykonos Are Waiting for You

Not everything on this destination is glam or loud. The locals still try to keep some parts of the seashore rural without facilities. So if you are someone who knows how to enjoy hiking and spending time in peaceful environments – you might wish to visit some of these secluded spots. Places like Kapari, Fokos, and Merchia are well known for their quietness.

Some of these spots can be ideal for a secluded romantic getaway while you are on your honeymoon vacation. Come here to experience a different side of the island. Enjoy the soft sand and the sound of the sea and see why here you can have one of the best beach vacations in the world for families.

Fokos Beach

If you like having a more tranquil holiday, visit some of these secluded spots

Book a Private Mykonos Villa on Your Favorite Beach

If you already have your favorite swimming spot – consider booking one of Mykonos villas for rental in that area. Staying in one of the private villas in Mykonos with a pool, beautiful outdoor spaces, and a view of your favorite place sounds like an ideal holiday experience, right?

A large number of Mykonos luxury villas make this island so exclusive and different from everything else, so the best way to have a real Mykonian experience is to stay in one of those gorgeous houses. White walls, stylish details in the colors of the sand, natural materials, and, of course, the gorgeous sea view are the essentials of every villa.

Villa Cameron on Mykonos

Staying in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos will make your holiday ten times better

The Ace VIP Team Organizes the Best Beach Vacations in the World on One of the Best Islands

If you are interested in having a picture-perfect vacation that is organized flawlessly, consider getting concierge VIP services on Mykonos. The Ace VIP can ensure that your holiday is planned exactly how you want and will be at your service during your entire stay. Contact us today to inform yourself about our Mykonos villas for rental or if you’re interested in yacht rental in Mykonos. Our team will gladly be there to provide you with everything you need to have the most amazing holiday of your life.