When you’re on a fabulous vacation in Greece, you want to go all out and enjoy every aspect of it. Food is a big part of any hedonist’s vacation, and while you won’t find better Mediterranean dishes than in Greece, here are the top 5 best Asian restaurants in Mykonos if you ever feel like switching things up.

Can You Find Good Asian Food on Greek Islands?

While it is unlikely you will find a proper Greek salad in Japan, Greek islands are filled with different cuisines and excellent international restaurants. No matter how great Greek food is, sometimes, when you wake up in your Mykonos villa, you get a craving for some bolder and stronger flavors, and that’s when you turn to Asian cuisine.

This type of cuisine might be the most inclusive and broadest one in the world. From sashimi and curry to fried rice, it’s got every comfort food you could ever want, and every dish hits the spot. Their focus is on spices and fresh ingredients, and no matter whether you feel like having some Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, or Indian cuisine, you can never go wrong.

And don’t worry, you’ll have many great restaurants to choose from during your stay in Mykonos since they’re on every other corner of the island, so you won’t even have to turn on your car rental or travel very far.

 Asian food on a table

the island is filled with many different types of cuisines

The Best Asian Restaurants in Mykonos Require Reservations, Otherwise, You’ll Be Eating Sushi at the Bar

Even though you might think that other dishes won’t be so popular on The Island of the Winds because everyone will be focused on Greek cuisine, any Asian restaurant is a big attraction on the island, and they are some of the hottest spots to be in.

Therefore, the restaurants are often booked, and a reservation is required if you want to have a normal spot at the table. Reservations are sometimes hard to get, so the best thing you could do would be to ask your Mykonos concierge for some help.

#1 Buddha Bar Is an Excellent Choice Right on the Beach

Buddha Bar is a very popular restaurant located right on the beach. It’s on Ornos Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, which gives the guests a spectacular view of the iconic sunset. Their menu features many Asian fusion dishes, so you can find anything from Thai noodles to fresh sashimi and Chinese hot pots. The prices are higher than in other spots on the island, but Buddha Bar and its immaculate dishes, staff service, and atmosphere are worth every euro.

#2 Bambao Is a Great Restaurant in the Centre of Mykonos Town

If you’re looking for a place where you won’t have to spend a fortune for a few bao buns, Bambao is the right place for you. It’s located right in the very center of Chora, and it’s a very popular dining place. Their dishes are delicious, and the prices are more than reasonable. The menu offers a large selection of dishes from different cultures, with a focus on Chinese.

They have many vegan options, and they’re a great spot to grab a quick lunch or dinner on your way to your Mykonos villa rental after a long day on the beach. You can also order takeout if you’re too tired for table service. Also, they work until 4 AM if you ever feel like grabbing a late dinner/early breakfast after the clubs have closed.

#3 If You’re Craving Some Indian Flavors – Indian Palace Is the Right Spot for You

True lovers of Indian food can’t visit Mykonos and not come to Indian Palace. Their dishes are very traditional and authentic and are a great palette cleanser from all the seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. The prices are very affordable, the portions are big, and their chicken biryani is to die for.

They have a wonderful outdoor setting that offers a beautiful view, and the location is excellent since it’s just a short walk away from Paradise Beach. They also have vegetarian options, and if you do decide to go – you have to eat the garlic naan.

#4 Matsuhisa Will Give You an Authentic Japanese Experience

Matsuhisa is located in the Belvedere hotel, and it’s the most exclusive Japanese fine-dining restaurant on the island. Matsuhisa is an addition to the world-known Nobu restaurant, and it offers a unique high-end experience. Every sashimi dish will be perfectly paired with a suitable glass of exceptional wine, and it will be the best meal you’ve had during your trip.

Besides the fresh fish, you will also get to enjoy the breathtaking views from your table on the poolside terrace. If you really want to treat yourself to a fantastic meal and new flavors at the height of luxury, Matsuhisa is the right spot for you.


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#5 If You Want Some Quality Sushi – Go to Naros

While sushi in Greece might not sound like the ideal combination to true Japanese cuisine lovers, that’s because they haven’t tried a California roll from Naros. The main chef has perfected the Japanese culinary art, and Naros has become the hottest restaurant on the island.

If you get tired of traditional seafood small appetizers during your stay, Naros offers amazing sashimi starters. It’s located in the center of the island, and it’s a relatively new place with amazing views of the sea and Chora. The interior is very modern and minimalistic, and it’s a perfect spot for a fine-dining experience.

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