A personal chef will cater to your specific preferences and needs. Not only will you be served the finest nutrient-dense meals, but the thought of cooking won’t even cross your mind. You can just relax. Our list of five benefits of hiring a private chef on vacation outlines how a trip to Mykonos can be even better. With meals that are representative of Greek cuisine, you will get an authentic taste of the destination. This blog reveals the reasons for hiring a cook.

#1 A Personal Chef Is Skilled at Preparing Healthy Meals From the Greek Cuisine

Not only can chefs prepare you delectable signature dishes of Greek cuisine, but they can also recommend what would be the best options if you are on a diet or you want your meal to be highly nutritious. They are knowledgeable about different cuisines as well, so you can ask for any international dish you are craving. If you feel homesick, they can prepare something that would taste like you’ve made it at your home.

However, if you want to experience the authenticity of Greece, indulge in their moussakas, pastitsio (Greek lasagna), souvlaki, gyros, and soutzoukakia (Greek meatballs). You can just lounge in your Mykonos villa for rental and forget worrying about what you’ll eat next. You’ll start thinking about this when you get home.

Greek food on the table

Personal cooks can come up with a menu that would suit your taste the best

#2 A Savory Breakfast Will Be Waiting for You After a Wild Night of Clubbing

After a wild and unforgettable night of parties at the best nightclubs as well as beach bars, you would need a time out in the morning. Many tourists prefer to stay in their luxury Mykonos villas until late afternoon. With the professional chef service, you will have a healthy and savory breakfast waiting for you at your accommodation. There won’t be a need to head to some of the local restaurants or cafes to get you going for the day.

What Type of Breakfast Should You Request From Your Personal Chef?

If you truly want a refreshing Greek breakfast, we have a couple of recommendations that are suitable for a day after clubbing the previous night. Dishes such as:

  • Fried eggs with feta cheese and potatoes,
  • Rizogalo (rice pudding),
  • Yogurt with fresh fruit and honey,
  • Pischies (fried pastry with cinnamon and butter),
  • Eliopsomo (olive bread).

These are traditional Greek dishes that will boost your energy and wake you up for the day you can spend on Ftelia Beach enjoying all sorts of water sports activities. Request some of these to be made by your personal chef. You can enjoy it on the terrace of one of the private villas in Mykonos.

A terrace overlooking the sea with a coffee table and breakfast

Breakfasts are no longer a drag when personal cooks prepare just what you need

#3 Without Worrying About Dining Options, You Will Have More Time to Explore Mykonos Every Day

When you know that you will have three courses every day prepared – you won’t need to plan outings to cafes and restaurants or think about cooking something in the kitchen in one of the Mykonos villas for rental. You can go to the Mykonian beaches and return in time for lunch or dinner. Also, you will be free to go sightseeing in Mykonos town – Chora and devote more time to local attractions. Cooking and preparing every meal for the entire family or friends will not be an issue.

A tourist enjoys a view of the Mykonos

Hire a private chef and spend entire days exploring Mykonos

#4 You Can Hire a Personal Chef for a Yacht Trip

Will you be investing in a yacht rental in Mykonos? If you want to sunbathe on a yacht all day, listen to relaxing music, and go diving in the Aegean Sea, we recommend hiring a personal chef. An adventurous day like this will be perfect if you have a gourmet chef preparing delectable seafood for you and your guests on the yacht. If you decide to organize a party in the middle of the Aegean Sea, your cook can come up with snacks and tasty desserts that will level up the entire experience.

A Mykonos yacht rental sailing

When booking a Mykonos yacht rental, don’t forget to request chefs as well

Food You Should Request From Your Private Chefs

What should be on your menu when you decide to go sailing? We recommend focusing on meals that feature poultry and fish. Have a glass of wine prepared to enjoy the delicious food like a true Greek. The best choice would be rosé. Here is our list of food that would be ideal for a yachting trip:

  • Courgette balls,
  • Fish – marida or barbouni,
  • Dolmades,
  • Taramasalata,
  • Octopus,
  • Greek salad.

#5 Personal Chefs Can Prepare Exquisite Food for Any Celebration

Tourists usually want to celebrate anniversaries and host important events on the island. The various luxury villas in Mykonos are the perfect place to organize a wedding, birthday party, bachelor party, or any type of celebration. However, you will need someone who will make the dining experience at the event special. Professional cooks are the people you want to turn to. You can come up with rudimentary ideas for your menu, and chefs can make the vision come to life.

Family dining and taking a picture

Request professional chef service for family celebrations or other events

Do You Have a Reason to Request a Cook? Here Is How to Hire One in Mykonos

Have you reached a conclusion by reading our blog? If you want a cook, The Ace VIP can help you. We offer our guests the opportunity to pick expert cooks to prepare extravagant dishes. Each one is unique, and they don’t specialize only in Mediterranean cuisine.

They serve food from other cultures, such as Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. You can contact The Ace VIP team and ask for a cook when you book your accommodation, or you can ask your Mykonos concierge to provide you with professional chef service once you get to the destination.

Hire Personal Chef Services for a Live Cooking Experience

Apart from having every meal cooked for you, there is an option to request live cooking experiences from chefs. This is available as well, and many people want this type of service to be organized on a beach, yacht, or in their Mykonos luxury villas. You will see the gourmet cooks’ skills while he is preparing fresh food in front of you. It is a truly fun and memorable experience.

A cook holding plates of food

If you want to experience something authentic, request a live cooking experience

Now You Know the Benefits of Hiring a Private Chef on Vacation – It’s Time to Prepare for Your Trip

Professional cooks can only make your vacation more luxurious and fun. The Ace VIP team can provide you with the best chefs on the island. However, we don’t offer just cooking services. Tourists can rent Mykonos villas from us, enjoy car and jet rentals as well as use our concierge in Mykonos, yacht rental, and much more. There isn’t anything that you will lack on your vacation when you are in the capable hands of The Ace VIP team. You’ll feel comfortable in our villas like in your own home. Contact us, and hire our cooks. You’ll see what luxury tastes like.